Heroes Express in

Salisbury, NC

Our Wash Packages

Wash Packages – Salisbury

The Force Field w/Graphene

Single Wash

Special Offer

$30.00 First 3 Months

The Defender Plus

The Defender

Single Wash

Special Offer

$25.00 First 2 Months

The Shield Plus

The Shield

Single Wash

Special Offer

$20.00 First Month

The Sidekick Plus

The Sidekick

Single Wash

Directions to Salisbury

1420 E Innes St,
Salisbury, NC 28146


Monday – Saturday: 8AM to 7:00PM
Sunday: 9AM to 6PM


Clifton S.

I tried this new car wash on Thursday and was extremely impressed. Providing they are consistent with equipment upkeep and service I will continue to use them. I recommend this facility.

Alana H.

I tried the new car wash in town and was very impressed! Not only did the outside look great but they have vacuums, matt sprayers, towels and all the products to get your car looking and smelling great! I will definitely be coming back!

Jim G.

Facilities here are top notch. Powerful vacuums and free towels and detailing sprays as well (should be for the price anyway). Will keep coming back as long as the equipment is maintained like it is now! Definitely recommend.