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Heroes Express Car Wash is more than the Mecca of car cleaning. We are a team that strives for the very best in service, superior shine, and protection.

Wish nothing more than to hear from you and make our business better for all!

Looking to discontinue your membership?

If you are looking to cancel your monthly membership or up date any of your information please visit the Manage My Account page. We are unable to make changes to your plan on this page.

Frequently Asked questions

How do I sign up for the Unlimited Club?

Online in our Hero Portal or stop by the wash and a cast member can help you.

When Will I be billed for the club?

Your card will be charged at the same time every month.

What happens if I get a new license plate or a new car?

Stop by the wash and a cast member will get everything taken care of. Short on time, log into the Hero portal and make any changes you need.

Can I use my unlimited plan on more than one vehicle?

Only one getaway car per plan!

How do I cancel my unlimited plan?

We hate to loose you from our Grime Stopping Team, but understand things happen. Log into the portal and cancel or stop by and a cast member can help you out!

What happens when I cancel my unlimited plan?

You will no longer be charged after the current pay period.